Open source platform for developer dashboards, a component catalog and interactive architecture diagrams.

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Open-source MIT Licensed. GitHub

Fully automated integrations

Simple, automated integrations with AWS, GitHub, GitLab, Zipkin and more.

Simple deployments 🚀

Deploys as two Docker containers, no databases to manage. Configuration is via environment variables passed to the containers. Kroncile provides a CDK project for deploying to AWS, Helm charts for deploying to Kubernetes and a Docker Compose project for running locally.

Component catalog 📚

Document and visualise all the components in a tech stack - frontends, microservices, databases, cloud resources etc. Provide info on which teams own components and what components are used for.

OpenAPI and GraphQL docs

Kronicle serves API documentation for OpenAPI specs and GraphQL schemas. It automatically downloads the specs and schemas from URLs and Git repos. It uses Redoc and GraphQL Voyager to render API documentation.

npm and Gradle dependencies

Automatically scan codebases for the npm packages and Gradle dependencies they use. Provide info on the main libraries and frameworks used by each codebase.

Environment status dashboards

Automated dashboards that provide build statuses for GitHub Actions & GitLab pipelines and health statuses for AWS Synthetics Canaries and AWS CloudWatch Logs.