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Kronicle is an open source tool and dashboard for development teams and tech organizations to document and visualise the components in their tech stack and teams in their organization. Kronicle automatically gathers data from the following systems to supplement the info added to Kronicle manually:

  • Git repos
  • Zipkin
  • SonarQube

Live Demo

The easiest way to see Kronicle in action is to try the Live Demo. This is a real instance of Kronicle running on Kubernetes on AWS and it is populated with a mix of real data from the Kronicle Project together with some from the fictional Kronicle Computers online shop.

Live Demo


  • Each component in your stack - software or infrastructure - has a Kronicle.yaml file added to the component’s own Git repo. This keeps the metadata close to the code, meaning it’s easy for engineers to both keep it up-to-date and to read it. Kronicle automatically discovers the kronicle.yaml files in all your repos and reloads the data in them every few minutes. See for an example file.
  • Kronicle uses software called Scanners that search through the data in your kronicle.yaml files and then bring together additional data from external sources like your Git repos, traces in Zipkin, code coverage in SonarQube etc.
  • Using the data loaded from kronicle.yaml files and data found by Scanners, Kronicle automatically creates a website that visualises all of your components, including all the components per area/team, architectural diagrams, response times per component etc.
  • kronicle.yaml files also contain metadata for teams, areas of your organization, component types and platforms. Kronicle visualises this metadata for you, enabling your people to understand not only your tech stack but the teams that work on it as well.

Getting Started

See the Getting Started guide for information on installing Kronicle on your own Kubernetes cluster:

Getting Started


See the following screencast for a walkthrough of Kronicle’s features:

Kronicle Walkthrough


See the following repo for Kronicle’s source code: