Kronicle is an open source platform for developer dashboards, a component catalog and interactive architecture diagrams.

Get Started

This page provides a few ways to get started with Kronicle.


The Tutorial provides step-by-step instructions for running Kronicle locally and then starting to configure it.


See Plugins for info on the plugins that come pre-installed with Kronicle.

Deployment options

See Deployment Options for a few ways to deploy Kronicle, including running it locally via Docker Compose.

Live demo

See which is a real instance of Kronicle that contains real data. Here are some interesting pages in the demo:

  1. Environment status page:
  2. Kronicle’s component catalog:
  3. Interactive architecture diagram:
  4. Automated hosting and rendering of an OpenAPI spec:
  5. Automated hosting and rendering of a GraphQL schema:
  6. Component info: