A plugin that fetches OpenAPI specs and uses them to render OpenAPI based API documentation.


Finds JSON and YAML format OpenAPI spec files in cloned Git repos and loads those OpenAPI specs into Kronicle. Can also download OpenAPI specs from URLs configured in kronicle.yaml files.

Any found/download OpenAPI specs are loaded into Kronicle and can be viewed via Kronicle’s web UI.

Adding OpenAPI spec details to a kronicle.yaml metadata file

OpenAPI specs can be set in a /kronicle.yaml file in a Git repo:

  - id: some-component
    name: Some Component
    type: some-component-type
    # 1 or more GraphQL schemas can be specified
      - url:
        description: |
          Example OpenAPI spec served via a URL
      - file: some-dir/example-openapi-spec.yaml
        description: |
          Example OpenAPI spec in the repo